My name is Samantha Hernandez,

and I am a queer millennial who racked up $43k of debt within 1.5 years of graduating college with a B.A. in Economics and Hispanic Studies. 


My journey to financial independence

I graduated college with 21K of student loans and then racked up another $22k from excessive credit card usage. I have now paid off over $10k and saved $21k in just 11 months.


In my journey to financial independence, I began to realize how much being gay had impacted my finances and that I had been  using emotional spending to cope with my internalized homophobia. I had already been feeling guilt, fear, and shame about my identity, but these feelings began to seep into my finances, BIG TIME. 

My goal is to educate those who are dealing with the financial impact of being gay and need a safe, non judgmental space for guidance. Not only do I have a B.A. in Economics and years of experience underwriting financials,  I have also been in your shoes.  I lived the experience of being a queer person in this world and experienced the challenges that are ignored by many financial leaders. 


Queer centric financial planning is a whole new arena and I’m excited to enter into it with you.  

Committed to fun

I love to have fun! From pub trivia to talking finances, we will always have a good time.


Nomadic entrepreneur

I have traveled to 11 countries and counting. Next up is Greece and Croatia!


A big believer in people

Everything is figure-outable. Whatever financial problem you have, we will figure out.


Animal lover

I am a dog mom to a chocolate fluff ball named Ollie. I also volunteer at a local animal shelter.

Let's make all your dreams come true.

A free life starts with financial independence.


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