The Broke and Gay Mastermind is the community piece most of us are missing when beginning our financial wellness journey. You might be ready to start repairing your finances and building your knowledge but going on that journey with friends makes it so much more fun!

The Broke & Gay Mastermind is for you if: 

  • You are a  queer identifying human

  • Thrive in a group setting 

  • Are looking to build queer community 

  • Are ready to build financial security

How this will impact your finances:

  • Feel confident and secure 

  • Learn to stop stressing about money 

  • Be able to visit friends without going into debt

  • Payoff student loans/credit card debt

  • Save $5K+ within 3 months 

  • Have a retirement plan

  • Start investing

All of the bonus wins:

  • Community with LGBTQ+ folk who are on this  financial journey with you 

  • Virtual game nights to make friends beyond the finances

  • Gain knowledge on the queer experience in other cities/countries

  • Create lifelong friendships and make plans to visit post COVID

  • Share coming out stories and help each other on our personal  journeys

3 month program

2 group calls

6 game nights

Private Facebook community

The logistics: 

Image by Mercedes Mehling

You’ll leave this program with the confidence and knowledge of our own amazing queer community behind you.


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