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Have you ever told yourself...

I will save when I get a raise

I will stop ordering takeout next week

I can't save any money

I will pay off my debt next month

Then this bundle is for you!

Stop making excuses and start taking action to understand why this is happening. This course will walk you through how to understand and manage your money in an easy to digest, beginner friendly way.



Course 1

Money Psychology

Money Psychology is for you if you want to learn how your childhood has impacted your views on money and re-write your own story. The course also covers emotional spending and how to stop it. Are you done with your own stories?

Lesson 1: My Money Story

Lesson 2: Emotional Spending


Course 2

Better Money Habits

Better Money Habits is for you if you're ready to know how much money you spend on takeout, shopping, etc every month. This will allow you to build habits that align your spending with your priorities. Are you ready to face your financial reality?

Lesson 1: Understand My Spending

Lesson 2: Analyze My Spending


Course 3

Control My Money

Control My Money is for you if you are ready to build a guilt free budget that still allows you to enjoy life. We will not cut out your morning coffee, if that brings you joy! Are you ready to know where every dollar goes?

Lesson 1: Accounts You need

Lesson 2: Build Your Budget

Lesson 3: Money Dates

BONUS: Exclusive Wealth Workbook


Who is this for?

- Individuals who work best solo and at their own pace

- Anyone wanting to start their money journey at an affordable cost

- People who learn from listening, watching or just doing

- English speaking people living anywhere

Can I buy just 1 course, not the bundle?

Yes! Each course is $47, so the bundle essentially gives you 1 course for free. You can purchase the individual course below.

When will I get access to the course?

This is a presale and the course will be live on 2/7/22! You will receive an email on 2/7 with instructions on how to access the course.

What's included in each lesson?

1 Video Module (5 minutes)

1 PDF download with exercizes 

*all modules are pre-recorded and there is no 1:1 access

Where is the course hosted?

I use Teachable, so you will get a link to create an account and view the course there!

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the product, we are unable to accept refunds. However, if you are unhappy with the product, please contact us so we can make it right!


Course 1

Money Psychology


Course 2

Better Money Habits


Course 3

Control My Money



Course 4

Payoff My Debt

Coming soon

Course 5

Savings and Retirement

Coming soon

Course 6

Couples Finances

Coming soon

You’ll leave this program with the confidence and knowledge to balance your budget and live your life.

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