The Money Incubator is a safe space for queer entrepreneurs to learn how to track and analyze their business finances. This space provides the support and knowledge that your business needs to excel.

The Money Incubator is for you if...

  • You are a queer identifying entrepreneur

  • You thrive in a group setting 

  • You want to better understand your business finances

  • You want a safe space to discuss money

  • You have a million business questions, but no answers


What to expect:

  • Monthly group business revenue and strategy calls (90 mins)

  • Exclusive GoogleSheet to track operating expenses and revenue

  • Monthly guest expert calls (60 mins) to answer...

    • How much should we be saving for taxes?​

    • Should I file as an LLC or SP?

    • When should I buy biz insurance?

    • What business accounts should I have?

    • What should my contracts look like? Should I have a disclaimer on my website?

    • What can I write off as a business expense? The benefits of registering my car to my biz?

    • ...and so much more!

            *We will vote on the monthly speaker topic!

  • Cohort size of 10 or less, with access to a much larger community

  • Networking and co-working opportunities

  • Hosted on Circle

Cohort 2

Exclusive Rate


Lifetime rate

Guest Expert

Money and Strategy Call

Co-working Rooms

Monthly Events Include:

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Joining this membership will give you the confidence and knowledge to build your own empire.